A futuristic face-tracking activation, with a photo-sharing component, that analyzed participants’ faces, assigned a villain’s profile and Jaguar automobile according to their unique facial features. The activation was featured at events prior, during and after the Super Bowl, where Jaguar had a 30-second commercial aired for their brand new F-Type Coupe. Guests registered with their name and email and stepped in front of a kiosk with a big vertical screen showing an image of them, like a mirror. The screen greeted them personally by their name and analyzed their age, gender and mood in real time in what looked like something out of the blockbuster “Minority Report”. Once the participant was assigned a car and a villain’s profile, they were able to capture the whole image seen on screen. The image was then emailed and shared through social media channels by both the brand and participants.
Role: Assistant Project Manager and Creative Direction for Face and Personality Recognition app

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